Doggy nut cracker

Do not "crack" the Code of Conduct! (These are dog-shaped nut crackers)

Code of ConductEdit

Code of Conduct is our Wikipedia Rules, You'll need to learn this to start editing correctly, or doing it without such messes. We just want peace in our community, and we don't want any reclessness within our articles. For more, see the Grammar Corner.

Rule 1: Never fight, you should always agree with what an administrator has to say since they have more wikipedia experience. If another administrator had told you different from what one has said, then feel free to discuss issues within the admin's talk page.

Rule 2: Don't ask for personal information! This can lead to the hacking of your account, and personal privacy exposed to the outer world. Please keep yourself safe, and your account to! Never say your password, and never give away your phone number. This is the most important rule of this wikipedia.

Rule 3: If by any chance something happened to you through this wikipedia, we are not held responsible. It was your fault for not following rule 2, so it's your consequence. This includes:

  • Hacking of an account
  • Kiddnappings
  • Personal Information stolen
  • Invation of privacy
  • Unknown problems

Rule 4: We will never ask you for credit card information, and will never ask for your password. If someone tells you that they are an admin, and ask you for your password, don't tell them, and check their account Pages. If they have my signature with a description saying that they are an admin, then they are an admin. If they don't, then do not tell them any information, say no! The only person who should know about passwords in this Wikipedia is me. My signature:Morgan silve 22:13, September 9, 2010 (UTC)Morgan silve

Rule 5: Read our Grammar Corner, and sharpen your language and creativity skills.

Rule 6: Any article that is not expected on this wikipedia will be rolled back on sight!

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