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Grammar is needed in almost every wikipedia! Here's our format, or the way we want you to do things her in Toys Wiki.


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Always keep is capatilized.

Not even I'm perfect, I probrably make error mistakes, too! So feel free to fix other people's mistakes, we will really appreciate it!


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{{}} Templates.

<ref>''Toy'' (type of toy), Google; bought at (Store/Online)</ref>


Rule 1:Make sentences medium-length, try not to make run-on sentences. We want regular sentences.

Rule 2:Vocabulary, try not to use any "colorful Vocabulary" in this wiki, there are certaintly people who dislike such language. Please try to add some nice; decent vocabulary. Don't write like a first grader.

Rule 3:Make sense, readers want to know whats going on. They can't understand this:

  • My mommy tripped and hit and fell.

Rule 4:Try not to use so many "ands" or "buts" in a sentence. Please don't start many sentences with "I" in them. Look at the second rule of Grammar.

Rule 5: If it isn't in English, then please ask someone to translate it for you. If something is written in forgien hand writing, please copy and paste the form of the hand writting, then write down how it sounds like, then last but not least, write it in English!

Paragraph FormatEdit

Rule 1: Every Paragraph must have 6-8 sentences.

Rule 2: Nothing written from the right, or centered, focus on writting from left to right.

Sign if your in agreeance to everything written downEdit

Sign here to help out our community with grammar! This is a very great responsiblity, and one that will let the number of your edits go up. We want our wikipedia to be as nice and neat as possible.


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